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Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training

When it comes to workplace safety and wellbeing, awareness and education are valuable tools you have at your disposal. At TJC, we offer drug and alcohol awareness training so that your management team and employees know what to do in the instance of drug and alcohol abuse issues arising in your workplace. Keep your workplace safe, healthy, and positive for all employees; sign your team up for drug and alcohol awareness training today.

Why is Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training Necessary?

Drug and alcohol awareness in the workplace can be a tricky issue to navigate; it requires a lot of sensitivity. If handled incorrectly, you may find your company facing legal action. Our drug and alcohol awareness training will help your managers understand the dangers of drugs and alcohol in the workplace and how to deal with it should a problem arise.


Managers and employees must be aware of the company’s drug and alcohol policy and how to carry it out correctly. This will include identifying concerning behaviour, navigating the legality surrounding workplace drug and alcohol testing, and more. Education is key to a successful drug and alcohol policy. Our bespoke training for employee awareness and manager awareness programmes can be presented in-house by the TJC team.

Book Your Management Awareness Training Today

Here at TJC, we are focused on workplace wellness and preventative healthcare. Our team are passionate about educating and empowering others to create healthier, safer workplaces. We offer a range of courses, including drug and alcohol awareness training for company management. We provide the theory and practical training your management team needs to carry out your drug and alcohol policy successfully. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help your workforce be its best.

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